The company kamel rang shakiba With the aim of producing paints and industrial coatings, automotive, marine, traffic,construction, flooring and 22 km thinner in 1371 in Karaj Special Road, Tehran Province,established with the authorization of the industry The directors' vision and belief in the collective wisdom and Undergraduate work and taking advantage of laboratory facilities Efficient use of expert help and technical knowledge to produce And offers a variety of colors in various fields. In 1388 a patient unit managers using superior technologies (In the production process as well as nano-technology) put on their agenda. In order to achieve this important area of 10,000 square meters factory designed and built in the industrial town between Abbas Abad in Tehran - in Semnan. And in 1390 with a daily production capacity of 25 tons of various industrial dyes was put into operation. Patient with the paint company motto and production goal And research and development together with hope and is determined to provide better quality Newer products and service industries in domestic and foreign.