Research and development activities as trustee Would range research projects to promote knowledge and technology and to reduce the gap with competitors is hand done.
Research and development in line with overall corporate strategy and development and optimization of the shakiba Company  Industries  pursue the following objectives
Implementation and documentation of work-based research and development,
Implementation and documentation based on research and development tasks, includingsearch and gather information needed in the field of manufacturing and prototyping, andobtaining licenses for new products.
Organize research projects based on corporate strategies.
Investigate the optimization of products.
Feasibility of new projects and feasibility of the worship team.
Development of research in the field of waste reduction and material substitution.
Collaboration with other research institutions.
Sources and trends of domestic and foreign markets.
Active participation in professional conferences.
Collaboration with Institute of Standards and Industrial Research.
Technical review of the new production color systems.
Development, production and consumption of water based paints