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Facade Paint Based On Pure Acrylic (Gloss)
This paint is used for fast, beautiful and durable painting of interior and exterior surfaces (plaster, ...

This paint is used for fast, beautiful and durable painting of interior and exterior surfaces (plaster, cement, brick, cement composition panels, wood, etc). This paint with higher quality has a good resistance to abrasion and washing, it also has a good stability to sunlight, water and alkali materials permeation. Therefore it is recommended for exterior surfaces, especially exterior decoration of buildings. Fast drying time, ease of application and environmentally friendly, are the other advantages of this paint. ALCO-3105 makes a beautiful and gloss film on the surface.

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Keep the paint can in dry and cool place, far from the direct sunlight. Keep the can closed after use. Prevent paint from freezing. It is recommended to use this product before the expire date (maximum 6 months). Sanding or scraping the old Alkyd painted surface can cause poisonous lead dust. Exposure to lead dust or fumes may cause brain damage or other adverse health effects, especially in children or pregnant women. Controlling exposure of lead or other hazardous substances requires the use of proper protective equipment, such as proper fitted respirator(NIOSH approved) and proper containments .Finally, clean up your working area.


• Stir the content well before use

• Spraying is suggested.

• Before applying the paint, it is recommended to use special sealer for facade paint (ALCO-3306) .

• It’s recommended to use two layers of KAMEL RANG SHAKIBA’s sealer before applying the paint.


• Clean the surface with water, in order to remove dust (Brush must be use for cleaning the surface’s mineral salts) also the surface must be clean from any dust and grease, even old paints, till achieving a suitable surface. For cleaning cement surfaces use Water Jet method. Be sure about complete drying of surface.

• Before applying the paint using special sealer for facade paint (ALCO-3306) is recommended .This sealer by having high permeation to surface’s cracks and filling the pores and by having high absorbing ability in addition to create better adhesion for applying paint, also increases coverage and durability of paint. This sealer is suggested for absorbent surfaces such as plaster, concrete, brick, cement composition panels.

• Dilute Kamel Rang Shakiba Acrylic Latex paint with proper amount of water, and then apply on the surface. Dilution ratio of paint with water depends on environment temperature, surface and also painting tools. But in normal painting conditions, dilution ratio of paint with water is based on weight percentage, with brush: 40%, with roller: 30% and with paint gun: 60%.

• The proper temperature for applying paint is 10-35º C and interval time between applying layers is 3 hours.

• In order to increasing life time and durability of facade paint and so ,creating a surface with higher gloss and more attractive aspect , applying one layer of gloss acrylic water base lacquer(ALCO-3112) is recommended.

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Decorative Paint

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