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Stoving Alkyd Melamine Top Coat
Stoving alkyd melamine top coat is a one component coating. This paint base on alkyd resin & melamine ...

Stoving alkyd melamine top coat is a one component coating. This paint base on alkyd resin & melamine formaldehyde resin. The gloss of this product is high and stable; it has high resistance to moisture, water, petrol oil and grease. Excellent good resistance to heat after baking , It is not recommended to use. It can be used for metal & steel surfaces such as bikes and motor bikes refrigerator. Washing machine, Boiler & cars.

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• The surface should be free form any rust, moisture, mill scale, oil & grease

• Mechanical & chemical surface preparation methods should be performed depending on the type of contamination, the coating system environ mental condition & the service life

• Apply the paint immediately followed by surface preparation

• Flush equipment with recommended cleaner before use.
• Stir paint with a Power Mixer.
• Use Shakiba’s thinner for adjusting the viscosity.
• The thinner should be added gradually.
• The consumption depends on temperature & type of equipment & thickness paint.
• Clean all equipment with Shakiba’s thinner.

• This product is flammable it must be kept away from neat, flash & flame

• Keep container closed use with adequate ventilation & Earth

• Prolonged & repeated contact with skin may be harmful

• In case of eye contact flush with plenty of water and check with a medical doctor.


• Density , solid contents theoretical coverage are dependent on color

• Drying time is dependent on air and steel temperature, applied film thickness.

• Never apply coatings under environmental condition.

• Adjusting the viscosity & pressure.

• This information given 25°C temperature and changed temperature cause to change data.

• Don’t use different thinner; otherwise we decline all responsibilities of it.

• For more information, please call to sale engineering expert.

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Industrial Paint

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