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    Rang Shakiba

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    Factory and Laboratory Video
    Kamel Rang Shakiba
    The company kamel rang shakiba With the aim of producing paints and industrial coatings, automotive, marine, traffic,construction, flooring and 22 km thinner in 1371 in Karaj Special Road, Tehran Province...

Latest Products


  • Decorative paint

    Shakiba colors for the interior and exterior colors and the weather dry, mild and moist is formulated.Considering the...

  • Industrial paint

    According to the system colors based on the type of surface, the applicability and sustainability of the capability definition...

  • Traffic paint

    The list of colors including: In the special colors in different shades - Thermoplastic acrylic traffic paint in various shades...

  • Floor coating

    Epoxy floor coating and epoxy resin and hardener on the relevant series of products that are produced and transformed...

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