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Alkyd Enamel Matt Paint
Kamel Rang Shakiba Alkyd Enamel Matt Paint (QUEEN) is made of alkyd resins based and also the most ...

Kamel Rang Shakiba Alkyd Enamel Matt Paint (QUEEN) is made of alkyd resins based and also the most recent formula  available in paint industry with compatibility to various climates. This paint has a suitable drying time, durability and good adhesion and shows a good resistance against climatic factors so i t is  recommended for interior areas and all metal, wood, plaster , cement , brick surfaces.

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Keep the paint in dry and cool place , far from the direct sunlight. Keep the can closed after use. It is recommended to use this product before the expire date (Maximum 9 months ). While applying , use a suitable air conditioning and leave the doors and windows open. In case of epiphora , headache or other diseases , breath more fresh air or use fitted respirators (NIOSH approved) or leave the working area. Avoid eye touch , in the case of touch wash it with lots of water . Wash your hands after use. If swallowed , go to medical centers. Sanding or scraping the old alkyd painted surface can cause poisonous lead dust. Exposure to lead dust or fumes may cause bra in damage or other adverse health effects , especially in children or pregnant women. Controlling exposure of lead or other hazardous substances requires the use of proper protective equipment , such as proper fitted respirator ( NIOSH approved ) and proper containments .Finally , clean up your working area.


• Before using, stir the content well.

• Add the necessary amount of white spirit thinner to paint slowly and simultaneously mix it.

• During painting, open doors and windows in order to flow of fresh air.


• Clean the surface from any contamination and grease and wait till complete drying. In order to get a flat surface , old paint flakes must be cleaned from the surface.( If needed you can use sandpaper to remove the old paints ). Brush must be used for cleaning the surface saltpeter . Metal surfaces must be cleaned from any rusts and filing.

• Repair surface with related construction materials .It’s recommended to use oily putty for wooden and metal surfaces and plaster and oily putty for interior surfaces of building.

• After repairing surface , you can flatten bulging points with scraper and drawshave and according to flatnes s or roughness that you consider , you can sandpaper the whole surface.

• After general preparation and before applying paint, it’s recommended to use alkyd enamel paint ( undercoat ) for plaster, cement and wooden surfaces and anti corrosion ( anti corrosion primer) for metal surfaces as primary layer.

• In this stage and according to necessity and achieving a flat surface, you may continue puttying and polishing it , with sandpapering.

• Dilute Alkyd enamel matt paint (QUEEN) with proper amount of white spirit solvent and apply it by brush ,roller or paint gun on the surface. 7-Dilution ratio of paint with white spirit depends on temperature , surface and painting tools. But in normal weather conditions amount of dilution with paint base on weight per cent age is as follows: brush 25% , roller 20% and paint gun 45% .

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Decorative Paint

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