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Inorganic Ethyl Silicate Zinc Rich Primer (I.Z.P)
I.Z.P is a two component coating. The high load of zinc dust prevents the corrosion through a galvanic ...

I.Z.P is a two component coating. The high load of zinc dust prevents the corrosion through a galvanic protection the product can with stand the temperature up to 400°C .This primer is not recommended for spillage of acid or alkaline solution. Other characteristics of this product are resistance against UV expose. This paint has high resistance to corrosion moisture, chemical environments, petrol materials Food, industrial oils, pipe, tank, hull & deck of ships, reactor etc.

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• The surface should be free form any rust, moisture, mill scale, oil & grease

• Mechanical & chemical surface preparation methods should be performed depending on the type of contamination, the coating system environ mental condition & the service life

• For ferrous & Steel use blast in accordance with sa2 or sa2 ½ & remove all the abrasive residues & dust from the surface after sandblasting.

• Apply the paint immediately followed by surface preparation .


• Flush equipment with recommended cleaner before use

• Add solution to base in the proper Mixing continue stirring for 5-10 Minutes.

• Stir during application to keep the material homogenized – Check thickness of dry coating non-destructive thickness gauge

• Prevent contact with water until The freshly applied coating is at least dry to touch

• Zinc powder can be absorbed water and humidity and may be cause to create the fire, be careful of this situation and be care the discharge of ecstatic electricity.


• This product is flammable it must be kept away from heat, flash & flame

• Keep container closed use with adequate ventilation & Earth

• Prolonged & repeated contact with skin may be harmful

• In case of eye contact flush with plenty of water and check with a medical doctor.


• Pot life, drying time is dependent on air, steel temperature, applied film thickness and humidity.

• Never apply coatings under environmental condition.

• Adjusting the viscosity & pressure   – Receipting time dependent temperature and humidity.

• This information given 25°C  temperature and changed temperature cause to change data.

• Don’t use different thinner; otherwise we decline all responsibilities of it.

• For more information, please call to sale engineering expert.

• Over 100(μ) thickness may cause create the cracks.

Product Quality Grade
Industrial Paint

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